Wellness Hotel Madonna delle Nevi Folgarida Val di Sole


Wellness Hotel Madonna delle Nevi Folgarida Val di Sole

Hotel Madonna delle Nevi:

Water is the most important element in our wellness centre, used to rejuvenate and relax body and mind.
The pool at Hotel Madonna delle Nevi has an area of 75 metres 2 and is equipped with a jacuzzi area, waterfall massage jets, floor-level currents and hydromassage beds; the water is kept at a constant temperature of 30 degrees.

Besides the gym, in the wellness centre you'll find a Finnish sauna for reducing stress and relaxing muscles thanks to vasodilation caused by the high temperatures; a bio-sauna - a "soft" version for those who prefer a more gentle treatment, and a steam room, whose average
temperature of 40-50°C and 100% humidity dilate the pores and eliminate toxins; lastly, an emotional shower and a cosy relaxation room.

Holistic treatments, Eastern, sports or anti-stress massage: find out how a holiday in the mountains can be an opportunity to look after your wellbeing!

Entry to the .sauna. is only permitted for guests over the age of 16.
Swimming cap and slippers/flip flops. are compulsory in the pool area.
If you don't have a bathrobe., Hotel Madonna delle Nevi can provide one at a cost of €5.00. for your entire stay.





 HOTEL 360°

 HOTEL 360°

Not only water

The Eden Holistic Spa has also a fully equipped gym to complete your experience of sport and wellbeing. You will also find a Finnish Sauna to regenerate from stress, a Bio-sauna, a Turkish bath and an emotional shower, and you can unwind in our cosy relaxation room to recover your inner balance.

Emotional shower

Through water, colours, lights and fragrances, to provide a pleasant sensation of relaxation and wellbeing of the body, sight and smell.

Turkish bath

The temperature is around 44/48°C and the humidity about 95%; enveloped in an impalpable mist, the inhalation of the lukewarm vapours decongests breathing and frees the body from toxins.

Bio Sauna

The temperature does not exceed 50°C, while the humidity can reach 65-70%. A pleasant sensation regenerates the body, for a complete wellbeing.

Finnish sauna

The temperature is around 80/90°C and the humidity is around 10-15%. A pure sensation of purification and total detoxification.

Holistic SPA

Holistic, sporting and anti-stress treatments: discover how a holiday in the mountains can be an opportunity to take care of your wellbeing!
Through the union of mind, body and environment, you will recover balance and harmony, thus achieving self-confidence and inner peace.

Anti-stress massage

A deep massage, which works on the areas of the body which are more subject to stress. We use techniques of mobilization, kneading, friction and stretching of the muscle which needs help to relax, and tone it.
50 minutes | 60 euros

Personalized massage

Personalised massage with specific techniques according to the client’s needs.
60 minutes | 65 euros

Massage with essential oils

A relaxing massage where you can choose your favourite essential oil. It is performed with slow and deep rhythms, relaxing mind and body.
50 minutes | 60 euros

Partial massage

For a specific area of the body (back, legs) 30 minutes | 35 euros

Sports massage

To dissolve fatigue, muscle tension and lactic acid, caused by intense sports activities and give fresh energy and tone to the body.
50 minutes | 65 euros

Hot Stone

The Hot Stone Massage uses volcanic basaltic stones, which conserve the heat longer and gradually return it to the body. They are used in with hot oils and specific essences to increase the relax during this massage.
60 minutes | 70 euros


The Lomi-Lomi massage is a treatment of Hawaiian origin, characterized by slow and constant movements that recall the gentle lulling of the ocean waves helping to restore peace and serenity.
60 minutes | 70 euro

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage belongs to an ancient Indian practice that was born with the aim of restoring the balance between body and mind through the stimulation of the chakras.
60 minutes | 70 euro

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic drainage massage promotes the elimination of fluid stagnation by reducing edema and swelling, improving microcirculation and cellular oxygenation.
50 minutes | 60 euro

Body Scrub

The scrub is an exfoliating treatment that through micro granules helps the elimination of dead cells and impurities, favoring the regeneration of tissues.
30 minutes | 35 euro


Personalised programmes tailored to your needs and preferences. 10% discount on 3 treatments and 15% discount on 5 treatments.

There is no beauty without wellbeing

Our look is the mirror of our health, eating habits and of our physical-emotional and spiritual balance.
Being beautiful outside means being beautiful inside.

Basic facial cleansing

Suitable for those who need a deep facial cleansing and hydration, it is excellent for who has not had treatments for a long time.
50 minutes | 50 euros

Facial treatment for delicate skin

Soothes and calms sensitive skins that become easily irritated.
55 minutes | 55 euros

Specific anti-aging facial treatment

Highly moisturising treatment perfect for mature or dry skins which require the use of intensive anti-aging products.
55 minutes | 60 euros

Face, cervical and head massage

25 minutes | 35 euros


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